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Stacking Cups – Introducing simple toys that can develop your child’s mind while adding different ways to play with it.

Playing stacking cups has been an all time favourite among toddlers and preschoolers. As a matter of fact, stacking cups are fun! They are the simplest toys that have been created for toddlers and preschoolers. Be that as it may, did you know that stacking cups play a significant role in children learning and skill development? Oh yes – they do! In fact, stacking cups are not only entertaining as toys for children but also facilitate educational skills. Therefore, this article will focus on 3 simple games that will help your child.

Stacking Cups

Without delay, here they are:

  • Motor skills

  • It is important especially for toddlers to develop and explore their motor skills, for instance, picking and putting items as well as controlling and moving their hands and fingers. With this intention, here is a simple game that can help develop your child’s motor skills.

    Pick Up Cups

    • Layer all the cups inside each other.
    • Demonstrate first by pulling the smallest out and encourage your child to the do the next cup.
    • Encourage again, until your child pulls them all out.
    • Problem-solving skills

    Problem-solving skills is one an essential skill needed that can make a huge difference in your child’s future. In other words, stacking cups help your child to solve a problem when he or she encounters it. With this in mind, here is another simple game.

    Nesting cups

    • Continuing from the previous game, make sure that all the cups are not stack together, and they are in front of your child.
    • Make the first move by putting one cup inside the other according to the size.
    • Next, let your child pick it up and encourage him or her to complete the task.
    • If necessary, you can guide the first round to complete the whole nesting task and allow your child to do it in the next round.
    • Visual development skills

    Playing with stacking cups can help your child develop depth visual skills. Learning different colours and sizes encourages hand-eye coordination and learning patterns. With this intention, here is a way to develop your child’s development skills.

    Matching cups

    • Demonstrate first by showing your child how to build the cups using binary numbers or alphabetical order.
    • Next, let your child do it with positive encouragement.
    • Lastly, let your child knock the tower for fun!

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