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Child Safety At Home: Basic Checklist

Home is a place of comfort for you and your family. In fact, it’s a safe place for your children to be nurtured. Nonetheless, there are a lot of ways to plan to keep your kids safe, as there are many child safety tips. Be that as it may, it’s time for you to review your home to ensure that it’s a safe and fun livable place. Thus, here is a basic checklist to ensure that your kids get the freedom to grow, be active and safe at home.

Electrical Safety

It’s crucial to understand that babies and young children haven’t grasped the idea of how dangerous the electrical outlets are. Wall plug sockets and dangling wires will attract the attention of your child. Thus, follow these simple tips to protect your child.

  • Buy safety protections on all unused electrical outlets.
  • Hire a licensed electrician to install safety switches and cords to keep out of reach.
  • Cover empty outlets with safety plugs.

 Safety guards

Security gates and barriers keep your child from falling down on the stairs or entering rooms. After all, falls are the most common cause of injuries and visits to hospital among children.

  • Install safety gates across entries to stairs, balconies, fireplaces and kitchen area.
  • Install doorstops to keep your kids from entering rooms


It is crucial to install detectors to ensure the safety of your kids.

  • It is vital to install carbon monoxide detector in every part of your home, including rooms.
  • Install smoke detectors to prevent house fires on each level of your home. Test your smoke alarms every month and make sure to replace the batteries every year.

Household products out of sight

Cleaning supplies and sharp objects should be safely put in a place where your child can’t reach and out of sight. Again, poisoning is one of the leading causes for children under five, and it is crucial to follow this tip to ensure the safety of your child’s environment.

  • Store these products and objects in a high place, locked cupboard or cabinet.

Objects that can lead to suffocation

Many objects endanger your child’s safety.

  • Put away toys when not in use.
  • Small objects should be stored or displayed in high places.

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